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A clean home is a happy home and a happy home is a happy LIFE. We believe a tidy space brings clarity, happiness and a sense of peace. As we are out in the world busy keeping up with all that life demands, it is essential to come home to a clean and warm place of rest. We offer customizable home cleanings to fit your homes need, from top to bottom cleanings to budget friendly light cleanings. 

Living Room
Vacation Rentals
vacation &


short term rental

you can always be sure your vacation & Short term rental property will be in optimal condition. you Can have peace of mind that your guests will arrive at a freshly cleaned home. we promise to keep an eye on your home and advise you of needed improvements. we will treat your home as the investment asset it is.



Hand Woven Carpet


We offer deep cleanings and maintenance cleanings. They can be scheduled weekly, bi weekly or monthly.  

Starting at $149

Short Term Rentals

You can choose between deep cleanings and short term rental cleanings. We also offer

home inventory management.

Starting at $99
Modern Workspace


Have one less task on your list. We will keep your office space clean. Cleanings can be scheduled weekly and bi weekly.

Starting at $149
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